Women Consumed By Wanderlust – Write for us!

Write for us


Consumed by Wanderlust was conceived in a beautiful eco-lodge in Southern India – Kerala. It started with one woman who was utterly consumed by wanderlust, who adored travel and everything that comes with it.

As I started to grow, the blog grew with me through all different stages of my life, through a change of circumstances, illnesses and breakups. My blog has transformed and transpired into my creative outlet. However, what I hope is that ‘consumed by wanderlust’ manifests and becomes an inspiring platform for solo travel, particularly among women.

However, I’ve found it difficult to dedicate the time my blog deserves in order to grow into a creative and imaginative platform. That’s why I’m calling on you women!

Whether you write professionally or are an amateur in your bedroom, I want your words, whether they are typed, written or even painted. If you have travelled and are willing to write for the pleasure of having your work live on this blog, then please get in touch. Although I can’t pay you, I can credit and scream all about your Instagram, blog or just you in general.

Please submit your travel pieces (500 words +) whether they are in the form of diary entries, tips or city guides to esthergittoesfreelance@gmail.com.

You are now the ‘The Women Consumed by Wanderlust’. Welcome to the tribe!