Falling back in love with your home, My Top Tips!

After an offer falls through or you’ve lived in your place a while it can be hard falling back in love with your home and learning to appreciate it again.

I’ve been in my home for just over a year now, I’ve been painting, wallpapering and styling it just the way I like it. I wasn’t looking to move anytime soon, but when a perfect house for you comes on the market, you have to explore the idea. Fast forward a week or so, following a viewing, an offer on the table, a week of agonising over the possibility of your offer being accepted, organising your Pinterest board, planning your decor and then a rejection phone call, you swiftly crash back down to earth. You’ve romanticised about the possibility of designing a new home only to be reminded of the reality that the property market is never that simple.

So whether the sale of your house has fallen through or the property you wanted has been denied, how do you fall back in love with your own home again?

I’m by no means an expert on the subject. I’ve only been a homeowner for a year and since then have only put one offer in on another house. I’m in the process of loving my home and after watching many of Kirstie’s and Phil’s Love it or List it, I’m back loving it again.

Here are my tips on falling back in love with your house when an offer falls through.

falling back in love with your home

Top Tips for falling back in love with your home

Move the furniture around

Just moving a piece of furniture whether it’s moving it to another wall or another room completely, a change in the layout can make a big difference to a room. So, go around looking at your pieces and see if they work in another place in the house or in the room it’s currently in. Always measure before moving.

Extend, renovate or knock a few walls down.

I’m in no position to do this with an apartment, but if you have the room and space, go crazy! But plan first and seek out the right planning permission if necessary. Opening up a kitchen diner can make all the difference to your space or even reconfiguring the layout. Work out what rooms you spend the most time in and configure with that in mind. Perhaps a project is what you need, create an extra bedroom in the loft or extend your kitchen, work with what you have! It might also be useful to have your home valued and ask the estate agent what you could do to improve it and add value for future sale opportunities.


A cost-effective way to change your house dynamic is redecorating. Plan a mood board, pin some inspiration on Pinterest and find a style that works for you. I’m a bold, patterned, eclectic sort of girl. Find your style and don’t be afraid to experiment and go out of your comfort zone. Just a year on and I’ve already re-wallpapered my kitchen for a refresh.

Find pieces that you love

If you’ve never really liked that Ikea dresser, donate it! Buy things you fall in love with and introduce them into your space, a nice bit of furniture really makes a room. Swap out your old furniture for something new and refreshing. Art is a great idea to bring a room together. This is especially good for people who rent and can’t paint their walls. Command strips are great for hanging pictures with no holes or marks. Find pictures, art or illustrations that you love and hang them with pleasure. I love pictures in my home and have a mix of charity shop finds, Ikea prints, antique paintings and my own photography.

Stop looking on Rightmove

If you’ve made the decision to stay in your home a little longer and are not looking to sell anytime soon, don’t look on Rightmove! You’ll only end up comparing with houses that you probably aren’t in a position to buy. Concentrate on your own home and making it what you want.

Work with what you have

Maybe your furniture just needs a lick of paint to give it a new lease of life. I’ve always hated my kitchen cupboards, so I’m planning on painting them. French Chic is a great new paint that you can use for indoor and outdoor pieces, you can use it on fabric, leather, wood, plastic and clay.

Make something or up cycle

I love upcycling pieces of furniture. My dressing table was a charity shop find that has been repainted, my breakfast bar in the kitchen was just a piece of wood that my dad distressed, varnished and added legs. Even simple things like homemade candles from repurposed jars or fairy light tins. Pinterest and Stacey Solomon’s Instagram is a great tool for inspiration.

Plan an evening with friends

Seems like a random one, obviously with the current pandemic hosting an evening would be difficult, but perhaps this is something to arrange later on in the year. Planning a dinner party, a lockdown release gathering or just a meal with friends and family. Planning your evening can be something really fun, also hearing comments and compliments from friends about your home is always nice to hear. So get the recipe book out, plan a theme and decorate accordingly because a home is made by friends and laughter.

Create a blog or Instagram

Writing about your home, showing off your taste and interior can be a great way to share your style. Appreciating where you live and finding the quirkiness in your home can help spark that first attraction. Instagram is also a great way to connect with other homeowners and share tricks and style inspiration.

There are so many ways to help with the process of falling back in love with your home. Remember you bought it / rented it for a reason. Find that spark again and let me know the ways in which you’ve fallen back in love with your home.

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