Renovations to the Spare Bathroom

Believe it or not my apartment has three bathrooms. For a woman living on her own, this is totally unnecessary. This is one of the last rooms in the house that needed a fresh lick of paint. This room is only the spare bathroom, a room which I never use so I wanted to save my money on this room. As a money saving exercise, I chose to paint this room navy blue, the same colour as my living room. The spare bathroom is one of the brightest rooms in the apartment, so I could afford to go dark and bold. I also had some mustard towels from my last house, so the blue would complement this perfectly. The paining took two days and I’m really pleased with the results. The spare room is a soft baby blue so I think that this complements that room well.

Renovations to the Spare Bathroom Inspiration

So the inspiration for this room were navy bathrooms from Pinterest, yellow towels and of course this would be a place for when my friends stay.



Renovations to the Spare Bathroom
Renovations to the Spare Bathroom

Paint is a Valspar and colour matched to the wallpaper that I have in the living room. Blend V500 Interior Matt. Base C.

The mix
8900 2Y45 +12/16
8930 43+12/16
8942 1Y2+14/16
8991 3Y+4/16

Towels: Matalan (Similar here)
Shower: B&Q
Picture – Don’t quit your daydream: TkMaxx

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