The best city breaks we’ve tried and tested

The best city breaks

My group of girls and I have a love of city breaks whether that’s in the UK, Europe or beyond. We’ve even done a cheeky few together. These are the city breaks that we’ve tried, tested and loved. The best city breaks chosen by 20-something millennials!

Our best city breaks

The best city breaks
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The best city breaks


A fairy inspired medieval town which is the capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium. Bruges boasts an oldie worlde persona with cobbled streets and historical buildings.


The capital of Slovakia is set along the Danube River by the border of Austria and Hungary. Bratislava is a medieval and Gothic old town, galleries and cafes are hidden in between the streets of the pedestrian old town.

New Orleans

New Orleans is the Louisiana city located on the Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico. The city is known as the “Big Easy”. The city is a unique blend of culture with a legendary music scene and a grittiness like no other.

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The best city breaks


The largest city in the county of Somerset, the Georgian architecture and Roman-built baths makes Bath a city like no other. In 1987 the city became a world heritage site. Laura lived in Bath for three years, no wonder it made her top list.


Lille is the Capital of the Hauts-de-France region in Northern France, near the border of Belgium. Lonely planet calls it “a self-confident city on the rise”. French and Flemish influences are found in the architecture, it’s a feast for the historical enthusiasts. Lille is on the up and one to look out for.


Ghent, located in Northwest Belgium is a university town and cultural hub. The mediveal architecture is prominent in this pedestrianised city center. Ghent is Belgiums oldest city with a mix of cosiness and urban renewal.

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The best city breaks


A city of influence with residents of artistic and intellectual legacy including Beethoven, Mozart and Sigmund Freud. Vienna is Austria’s capital which lies on the Danube River. Coffee house culture and artistic influence make this an exciting city.


It’s technically a town, but shhh! Harrogate is a Victorian spa town located in North Yorkshire. With beautiful gardens, imposing historic houses, castles and also the home to the best spas. It’s easy to see why Harrogate has made Beth’s list with it’s charm and victorian style.


Of course, Paris had to appear on this list of best city breaks. Known for fashion, art, gastronomy and culture, Paris’s reputation will never fade as one of the top cities in the world. ‘People watch’ in the many cafes whilst drinking a glass of red, you will never grow tired of Paris.

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The best city breaks


Udaipur will forever hold a special place in my travels. I’m not sure whether you could call it a city break, but it’s a city well worth the visit. Udaipur is a city in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. The views of artificial lakes, palaces and courtyards turn the perception of India on its head.


Alghero is located on the northwest coast of Sardinia, Italy. Known for the cobblestone old center, clear blue beaches and busting restaurants. It’s said to be Sardina’s most beautiful medieval city.


Delft is located in the western Netherlands. The city is known for the manufacturing of Delftware (hand-painted blue and white pottery). A bustling yet quaint canal-based city.

The best city breaks


Barcelona is the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region. One of the most popular city breaks with cheap flights and plenty to do. A seaside city that oozes culture, tapas and of course sangria. Discover the many things to do in Barcelona.


Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The Hungarian city exudes style from the Golden era with delicious street foods to healing thermal waters, Budapest has it all. Fancy a trip to Budapest? We’ve got you covered with what to see / do and things you should know before you go.


A coastal city in Northwest Portugal known for cobbled streets, Port wine and the legendary banks of the Rio Douro. A city of indulgence with many restaurants, wine cellars and craft beer bars. Get the lowdown on what to do when visiting Porto.

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