Group tours: A different kind of solo travel

A Different Kind of Solo Travel

Group tours are a fantastic alternative to solo travel, it’s a different kind of travelling. I’ve met so many people who would love to solo travel but are often apprehensive of going travelling alone. Perhaps there are some countries you would love to visit but are worried about travelling alone due to fluctuating levels of safety.

Late last year I was longing to return to my favourite country, India. As a solo female traveller, my parents were obviously worried about my safety in the country. But, I would never stop myself from going to a place I love just because I’m female and a solo traveller. So, I compromised. My compromise was going on a group tour.

There are so many group tours out there to choose from. But, I think what puts people off is that there is a stereotype associated with group tours. People think that they are either 18-20-year-olds who go on tour to drink and get into mischief or a group of old retired couples. Of course, there are tours tailored to those groups of people. But my group tour was nothing like that.

I’ve often travelled through STA Travel, which is a student / young person travel company. So I opted to look through their list of tours, to see if one fits what I was looking for. I found the G Adventures tour which was ‘Rajasthan and Varanasi on a shoestring’, 20 days touring parts of India.

That group tour has probably been one of my favourite trips to date. When it comes to holidays or travelling, I can’t sit by the pool and read a book all day, I want to get out and explore. The G Adventures tour tailored to that perfectly. The group tour allowed me to travel confidently through India on railways, on foot in towns and cities and by camel.

The people

The people in the tour group are probably the most amazing people that I have ever met. Sharing a like-minded sense of travel with a group of people is rare for me, especially because I live in a little village in the middle of the UK.  A lot of them went on the tour by themselves and only two came as a pair. For me the best bits of travel is who you meet on the way, a tour group puts a random group of strangers together who share one thing in common, travel. How can you not get on with a group that shares the same love for travel like you? What makes this tour memorable is the group of wonderful individuals and the memories that you have made with them. 

If you’re unsure about solo travel or want to go to a place that seems slightly risky or just feel unconfident about travelling there, then a tour could be perfect for you. You not only get to see the very best of what a country has to offer, but you can also get to meet like-minded people and share amazing travel memories with them.  If you’re interested in learning more about solo travel have a read of my top tips for solo travellers. 

Group tours: A different kind of solo travel

Group tours: A different kind of solo travel

Group tours: A different kind of solo travel

Group tours: A different kind of solo travel

Group tours: A different kind of solo travel Group tours: A different kind of solo travel

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