Thoughts on solo travel from The Travel Food Diaries

Thoughts on Solo Travel by The Travel Food Diaries

The structure of this blog post will be split into three sections, just like the quote below. I have picked out this quote as it really resonated with me. In essence, to me, it sums up solo travel.

"Love Many, Trust Few, Always Paddle Your Own Canoe".

Love Many

Solo travel completely throws you out of your comfort zone. Through travel, especially if you decide to stay at hostels (would thoroughly recommend mixed dorms), you will meet lots of people from every walk of life. My top tip: Talk to everyone and not just those that you think/ know you will get along with. You learn so much more when talking to everyone you meet. We are all so different, so embrace an open conversation. A few bottles of beer or wine are always a good conversation starter if you are unsure how to approach someone and start the conversation rolling.

Trust Few

As I’ve said above, speak to everyone but please take some caution if you are by yourself. Until you get to know someone fairly well, I would say don’t open your whole heart and offer them everything you have. Trust takes time and can be destroyed in a day but not gained.

Always Paddle Your Own Canoe

Follow your own path. Embrace every adventure, take the long walk around. You never know who you will meet, what you will see and experience. Lastly, as expensive as travel can be if you want to do something spend the money. You will never regret an amazing memory over another pair of shoes or a handbag!

There is a whole world out there go out and grab it, one day at a time.

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Thoughts on Solo Travel by The Travel Food Diaries

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