13 Free travel apps for solo travellers

Free travel apps for solo travellers

I definitely think solo travellers should take advantage of the free travel apps for solo travellers that are out there. We live in a world where social media, the internet, and apps are taking over. The abundance of information that is out there is brilliant, especially when it comes to solo travel. There are so many free travel apps for solo travellers. I have put together a rather large list of my favourite free travel apps for solo travellers as well as a few websites to get you on your way.

Been: I have mentioned this app before in this post. It’a great free travel app for solo travellers to keep track of the places you have been. You can see how many countries you have visited and how much percentage of the world you have uncovered.

Hostelworld: A great app to search through the many hostels out there, this app has access to hostels worldwide. It’s easy to use and easy to book. Most of the hostels let you pay when you arrive.

Hostelbookers: Similar to Hostelworld, this app supplies accommodation from dorm rooms to shared rooms in hostels. It includes prices, ratings and reviews.

Skyscanner: This had to make the list of free travel apps for solo travellers.  The number one app to search through flights. I’m constantly on this app exploring which country has the cheapest flights. I managed to secure a flight to Poland for £50 and Sardinia for a £105. Which in my opinion is an absolute bargain.

Google translate: Who needs to learn the language when you have google translate, right? A perfect tool to discover menus especially with its camera feature, which lets you take a photo of a sign or a menu.

Google maps: I would be lost without google maps. It shows you how to get from A to B either by car, walking or public transport. I use it everywhere I go and use it to plan my journeys to and from the airport.

Maps.Me: A friend told me about this one. Like google maps except you don’t need to use your data. Have a look where you are going without the roaming charges, just download your map when you have wifi.

Airbnb: If you don’t fancy a hostel or a hotel, why not opt for Airbnb. You have the choice of having your own accommodation or a room in a house. It works worldwide and can save you a lot of money especially during popular holidays. It’s also great if you are in a big group. Airbnb also has experiences, which lets locals take you on an experience.

Booking.com: Another great accommodation app if you want to book something up quick and easy. You can change your preferences so you can search for places that offer an airport pickup, have a four-star rating or a swimming pool. – Great for last minute bookings.

Instagram: Not just a place where you can share your Instagram worthy pictures, but it also has the location tool. I always use this to scope out any interesting places to see or somewhere unusual to eat. 9 times out of 10, they have put the exact location so you can find the place pretty easy. Also, search for ideas using hashtags.

Meetup: A lovely girl in Lyon told me about this app. A fantastic app to meet people in the country where you are visiting. You can attend meetings and join groups, whether you are on holiday, living in a new country or even in your home city. If you enjoy meeting people then download this app to meet likeminded people.

Couchsurfing: The same girl told me about Couchsurfing too. Not just a great app for crashing at people’s houses. But there is also a hangout element. You can just say that you are free to hang out, whether you want to grab a drink with someone or explore. Someone will then agree to hang out with you. A great social app to meet people.

Workaway: This one is cheating slightly because it’s a website, not an app. A great idea if you are travelling around a country, but don’t have much money. This puts travellers in touch with people who offer out their homes and feed you in exchange for work. A great idea, if you get a good host. Read about my experiences.


Free travel apps for solo travellers

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