Let’s Talk About Heartache – My Breakup Advice

Let’s Talk About Heartache – My Breakup Advice

My Breakup Advice

This is my Breakup advice for anyone currently going through heartbreak or heartache or to anyone who has come out the other side. 

After reading the article: ‘It takes a village: dissecting heartbreak‘ by Ropes of Holland, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own recent heartbreak and share my breakup advice.  To be honest, I try to avoid writing about my relationships and in particular breakups, but as I watch a few friends experience similar situations I really wanted to share my Breakup advice for them. I have also talked before about why starting over doesn’t make you a failure. 

Heartache, or perhaps heartbreak. 

For me, it’s one of the most gut-wrenching emotions that a person encounters through their lifetime and unfortunately, we will nearly all experience it. A combined feeling of loss, regret, bitterness and pure madness. Yet despite the despair, the countless tears and bitching sessions we often choose to do it all over again. I confess I often toy with the possibility of choosing not to fall under the enchantment that relationships hold. I mean the feeling of heartache is almost inevitable as we try to steer through this complicated and unforgiving journey that we call life. But now I try to look at heartache differently.  Perhaps heartbreak is an overruling emotion that breaks us into tiny pieces, it reveals our flaws and forces us to pick up the parts and rejiggle them a little. After all, you come out slightly bruised but with lessons learnt, stronger than ever.

I see my now single life as a promising circumstance, not a mistake or the outcome of a failed relationship. Fate has given me a stop gap between love, a break from living life with another, an opportunity for unimaginable soul searching. I now have the ability to be guilt free as I embark on exciting opportunities.

It’s easy to see single life after a breakup as lonesome, confusing and a bit depressing.. a feeling of heavy-heartedness whilst on the sofa watching Bridget Jones’s Diary.  About a week ago, I would have probably agreed with you. But despite the mascara stained pillow tears and the envy of your friend’s relationships, you can dust yourself off put on that red lipstick and go out into the world once again. That’s because the world is your oyster, your friends are your backbone and fate will always be on hand.

My advice to anyone who is currently steering their way through the ugly journey of heartbreak whether it’s been 6 weeks or 6 months, is this.
Your heart will heal in time and it’s okay to have those mad moments of sheer fear, hopelessness and unimaginable crying. But the experience has given you an opportunity of rediscovery, a self-indulgent excuse to do all the things you long to do, guilt-free. Book that plane ticket, sell your life’s belongings and begin a new chapter of your journey.

In the wise words of my ex – Stop sulking and start doing something… do what you love, don’t get caught up in the grind again.


Let’s Talk About Heartache – My Breakup Advice

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