6 Reclaimed Summer Holiday Reads

My 6 reclaimed summer reads

Packing those summer holiday reads is my first priority when jet setting around the globe on my travels. 

I tend to buy new books to take away, but I do have those few that keep finding their way into my suitcase.


On holiday you can normally find me sipping a cocktail on the beach, devouring the local delicacies or my head buried in one of these holiday reads besides the pool.  I’m exploring my favourite summer holiday reads. 

Although the weekend weather keeps dampening my spring/summer vibe, I can’t help but look forward to my holiday in May.  Yes, ten nights of pure relaxation, sunshine and cocktail consumption. Believe it or not, but I am very fussy when it comes to booking holidays. I don’t so much mind going on the ‘roughing it’ sort of holidays or staying in hostels. It’s the all-inclusive, entertainment packaged and kids clubs sort of holidays that I do not like. If there is a slide in the hotel, it’s a no from me.


Our Handpicked Summer Holiday Reads. 

1. Eat Pray Love

This is my favourite on the list of summer holiday reads, and by far my favourite book which I keep re-reading over and over again. Between the now worn pages of this novel, the sense of adventure and possibility escape the corners. The book explores the themes of travel and the confidence to leave normality and the safety of society to embark on an adventure. The fact that it’s a travel memoir makes it a motivational tale of love, adventure and escapism. This is definitely a poolside read which transports you to Rome, India and Bali.

Check out on Amazon here. 


2. Three amazing things about you

I love any books by the author Jill Mansell, she has a way of transporting the reader into a world of chick lit fiction. This particular book explores the lives of three women with different stories. The first is Hallie, a blogger who is in love with someone seriously out of bounds, but she hasn’t got long left to live. Flo falls for a man who has a disapproving sister. Finally, there is Tasha who’s new boyfriend is the adventurous type, she’s constantly worried that one of his adventures will go wrong. This book is a powerful read with a plot twist which makes you appreciate every moment of your own life.  Snuggle up in those crisp white hotel sheets whilst getting through this book and the rest of your summer holiday reads. 

Check out the book on Amazon here. 


3. Big Magic

This book is for anyone and everyone! It’s about exploring the concept of creative living and how to live a more creative life. Even if you’re not a budding writer or distressed artist or lonesome poet, the book resonates with its reader about creativeness. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that needs a little inspiration or motivation to pursue their passion. The author Elizabeth Gilbert explores the magic of creativity and creates interesting concepts and ideas about creative living. Basically, you should just by it now!! You will definitely finish it in two days and feel uplifted from reading it.  What better way to spend your holiday than reading this charming summer holiday read whilst planning your new creative life. 

Check out the book on Amazon here. 


4. Rumour has it

Another great read from the successful author Jill Mansell who’s chick lit novels has occupied my shelves for years. This particular book is a heartwarming, excitable tale of a woman who quits her job in London to move to a small town. With rumours flying around about a good looking man with a wicked reputation, Tilly can’t help but catch his eye. For predictable feel-good vibes and a good love story, this should be on your summer holiday reading list.

Check out the book on Amazon here.


5. How to be an overnight success

I often don’t reach for the self-help or motivational reads in Waterstones, but I found this book on Instagram. I actually follow the author Maria Hatzistefanis on Instagram and after watching her Instagram stories and reading the reviews of the book, I knew I had to get it. It’s a motivational book showcasing Maria’s journey and the evolution of her brand and business. Maria offers tips throughout the book and inspires the reader to follow their own dreams no matter how big they seem. Perfect for those that are stuck in a mundane lifestyle and want out.  This has to be on your list of summer holiday reads! 

Check out the book on Amazon here.


Mum’s Pick

6. With or without you

This is a perfect summer holiday read about romance, breakups and travel. What better way to get over someone then to travel to Nepal on a trekking holiday. This is an ideal read for anyone trying to get over a breakup or for anyone who loves a fictional romance tale.  The book explores fulfilment, adventure and a modern day love story. You will fall in love with the character Lyssa who is a modern day feminist without even knowing it. You will laugh, cry and hope with this book.

Check out the book on Amazon here


Why not take these summer holiday reads whilst you’re exploring the places to see before they disappear. 

My 6 reclaimed summer holiday reads


What summer holiday reads are you packing in your suitcase?

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