The Bohemian town of Sayulita, Mexico

The Bohemian town of Sayulita, Mexico


As soon as I arrived in this hidden gem of a town, I knew that it’s laid back vibes would impact my experience. 
A once dormant fishing village soon evolved into a surfers paradise.  It’s quirky shops and delicious restaurants, makes this town the perfect runaway destination from your hotel resort. 
Read about my ‘Postcard home’ experience. 

Sayulita is home to vibrant market stalls, bohemian visitors and it’s notably vibrant flags. I try and immerse myself within it’s mellow culture, whilst sinking my feet under the warm yellow grains. The sea produces those perfect waves for it’s surfing visitors. The beach is almost crowded with surf boards, restaurant hosts promoting their menus and sun kissed tourists. 

The History of Sayulita,

This humble beach town is located just forty minutes from Puerto Vallarta, on Pacific Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit.  What’s lovely is that this charming place is still relatively unheard of. 

In Mexican legend, Sayulita was created by the God of Oz waves, he wanted a place where the waves were perfect.  The God then blessed us with the town that is Sayulita with it’s faultless ripples. In the 1500’s Sayulita was inhabited by semi-nomadic Cuyuteco Aztec Indians. It wasn’t until the 1940’s when the town was established by five families. These five families migrated from other areas of the Nayarit state.  During the Spanish rule and the Mexican revolution, the hacienda (large estate) and house that was built by the administrator was then assigned to these five families. 

The name Sayulita was named by the land administrator. Sayulita translates from the Aztec word “Sayula” which means “place of flies / mosquitos”. 

Sayulita was a humble and peaceful place for it’s inhabitants during the first half of the twentieth century.  The residents followed the Cora and Huichol Indians way of life.  In the 1960’s surfers slowly emerged onto the scene and into the waves of Sayulita.  The wave breaks caught the attention of these surfing enthusiasts and soon became a laid back surf resort. After the construction of Highway 200, Sayulita became more popular with easy access to the town.      

day of the dead

sayulita beach

a concoction of colourful influences that dominate the streets and plates

Sayulita tends to attract artists, marketers and hippy inspired individuals.  It’s popular amongst surfers, nomads and literature lovers. Barry Golson wrote his book Gringos in Paradise, where he delves into his love of this magical town. They decided to stay and build their dream home here to live full time in Mexico. This inspired an influx of people wanting to build their own homes in this town. 

There is a concoction of colourful influences that dominate the streets and plates of Sayulita.  It’s dishes, like it’s buildings host an abundance of colour and flavour.   The relaxed atmosphere has attracted 4,000 residents to the town, many of these are English.  The community are adamant in avoiding an influx of tourist spoilers.  Instead they care and cherish their town and the environment, a lot of the shops and hotels here are eco friendly. 

Sayulita is rumoured to be a hidden paradise and a visit to this town is a must to anyone visiting the Puerto Vallarta region.  Activities in the town include horse back riding, snorkelling and hiking. Delicately created jewellery sits neatly on the market stalls,  beautifully designed clothes are draped on their coat hangers and quirky surf boards rest against the buildings.  With everyone step in this town, something else catches your attention. 

Prepare to be slightly bothered by beach sellers trying to sell you umbrellas and waiters pushing their menu onto your laps. But if you politely refuse, they don’t tend to return. Remember to be respectful to the environment here and be sure to take all litter back with you, as the residents are very proud of their eco paradise.  

Have you visited Sayulita?  
Is this now on your bucket list?

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