Can you believe that it’s almost February already? This month/ year is already going so fast, it needs to seriously slow down. Lately, I’ve been having trouble keeping on top of things, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. This month seems to have been very up and down for me, although I’ve had a lot of adventures, I seem to have so much on my mind lately, I seriously need a spa day for valentines *hint hint Mr J*. 

So here is my wishlist for my pay day. I mean it feels like forever since I’ve been paid, can anyone else relate? I spent the majority of my wages last month on Christmas, so January has been a real struggle. Luckily payday is this Friday! YAY!! 



  1. Sausage dog cushion, Tk Maxx, £9.99
  2. Frill French top, Topshop, £18.00
  3. Morrocan lantern, TK Maxx, £19.99
  4. Vintage storage trunks, The Range, £79.99
  5. Flamingo plate, H&M, £3.99
  6. Watering can, H&M, £17.99 
  7. Rio T-shirt, Topshop, £16.00
  8. Graffiti print mom jeans, Topshop, £52.00
  9. Floral stripe shirt, Topshop, £29.00
  10. Vintage drawer unit, The Range, £59.99

I think I definitely will have to purchase those ‘graffiti mom jeans’ and the ‘French top’.. together they would look perfect! 
I’m wishing I had money for those storage units, which would have looked lovely in my new bathroom. I’m now wishing that something in my living room would go with the cute sausage dog cushion

Which is your favourite item?

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