New Year, New Blog

New Year, New Blog
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Another year has passed and we’re slowly starting to get back into our work routine. The gym memberships have been filled out, the last of the box of celebrations have been devoured and we’ve welcomed in the new year with arms full of prosecco surrounded by loved ones. For me 2016 has been a pretty good one, the start of the year I was in Australia, I got accepted and began my MA in Travel Writing, moved into my apartment with Mr. J and slowly tried to plan out my life.  Although I’ve been happy with the outcome of 2016, I can’t help but want to improve my life and myself.  

So yes, I’m back on the new year’s resolutions, which will probably last less than a couple of months. I want to spend more time making our apartment as homely and as perfect as it can be, which does mean keeping up with the washing and cleaning. I want to spend more time with friends and a lot more time outdoors and on adventures.  I’m going to be working hard on both my MA and my blog, so watch out for more consistent content in 2017.  I’m back on my healthy eating and gluten-free diet, just because I felt so much better for it and I don’t want to go back into those sluggish patterns. Lastly, I want to travel more, this year is all about traveling and writing, so I’m going to make the most of it. 

This is not only a relaunch of my blog but also my life. There will be a lot more content on A woman consumed by wanderlust with three posts going out a week, with a mixture of travel, lifestyle, and poetry.  Better photos, content and a lot more social media presence will be introduced. A new blog design has made the blog look a lot more attractive with a new logo, and a fresh redesign.

So have a read of some past blog posts, before it’s filled with exciting new content. 

Here’s to a new year! 


Photo courtesy of Death to Stock

Photography: Courtesy of Death to Stock 

Words: Esther Gittoes 

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