November favourites

November favourites


It’s November and the winter nights are drawing in. By the time I get home from work on an evening, it has already turned dark outside. I’m thinking that I will soon have to start wearing those winter necessities. Come to think of it, I have no idea where my winter hat is? I’m trying to embrace these winter months, the only thing getting me through is the thought of Christmas. 

Here are some of my current favourites. 


So now it’s getting darker, I’ve got it the habit of wearing slippers around the house. I used to wear countless pairs of socks, but having these saves on the washing load. We have recently been bought an electric fire, and I can’t think of anything cosier than a fire, hot chocolate and my snug leopard print slippers.

I adore leopard print and personally own far too many leopard print items.

These bad boys are from Primark


I’ve recently started my MA in Travel and Nature writing. So of course with the start of a new course, you need new stationary. I have to keep a journal of my thoughts and notes throughout the course as well as a general notebook for my writing. These two notebooks are from Sainsbury’s. Although I contemplated on a Paperchase spree, I cold resist these two for almost half the price of a paperchase one.

  • 2017 DIARY

Am I too premature of this? I mean I need to start planning for next year right?
I probably am too organised already. The thing is I’m always so late at buying diaries and by the time the New Year comes around; all that are left are the skanky diaries. However I do have a cute Roald Dahl diary for this year, which is very cute. I love the leather look of this diary, it looks so smart and sophisticated.. it looks like I’m making very important plans for next year. The fact it has a band around it as well is also a bonus, as well as it being the perfect size for a handbag necessity.


With my new job a half an hour train journey away, I have to catch the train there and back regularly. My mum treated me to a Railway card… how grown up! With my purse in it’s current state I was in desperate need of a place where I can keep my card and tickets. The perfect little holder that can fit in my purse and can keep those tickets safe. This is from paperchase.


It was my sister in laws hen party a couple of months ago. I had been eyeing up this amazing bag for a while in New look. I’m not sure what it is about it, but it just caught my eye every time I went in. My mum treated me to it and it looks amazing with my outfit. Although the purse has only ventured out once, the strap has broken. The purse/ clutch bag is amazing and you have to buy it, it’s a new look dream.

Similar one here; 


As a family we always seem to be leaving our keys everywhere. My mum and dad went to the game fair a couple of months ago and this was one of the purchases that they made for me. It’s home is in the hallway looking after our keys and messages to each other. A chalk pen is a must have for this cute home accessory.


I’m getting more and more excited about christmas time, and my mum even bought us our first christmas decoration. Is it too early for christmas songs yet? I’m just too in the mood! 

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