10 Affordable homeware buys

10 Affordable homeware buys

new homeAfter having just been in our new rented flat a couple of months, I can’t help but indulge in a few aesthetic pleasures. My love of homeware has grown since the age of sims and I have been collecting a few bits along the way.   I’ve been trying to make this abode as personal as I can but sometimes it’s difficult to make a rented place feel like home.  However a few feminine touches here and there can turn this beige apartment into a quirky paradise.

I have a love for random, quirky and vintage touches and my homeware buys adheres to that decor.  Although I’m having to tame my love for busy things with a boyfriend who loves ‘plain’.  But that’s what sharing is all about.. Compromise. Compromising on the smallest of things, which feel like the biggest in the heat of the moment.

All of these purchases were carried out by myself with an approving nod from the boyfriend…. The way every shopping trip should be. Let me know which homeware buys you like and any places you recommend where I can get a few bargains to complete our home.

Tea chestthe range– £4.99


Doggie door stopHomsense- £7.99

door stop

Parrot magazine binPaperchase- £12 (birthday voucher -£5.00) total £7

parrot mag2

Dog hook– Home sense– £9.99

dog peg dog peg 2

Lukas graham vinylHMV-  £21.00


Dog mug- £10.00 reduced to £7 debenhams


Old mount cider glass– Sainsburys £2,00


Elephant cushionThe range- £5.99

chairrr chairr2

Door matDunhelm– £4.99


Posters (frames not included)Ikea– £8


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  1. Julie
    26/07/2016 / 08:46

    Love these items

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