I’m back from my travels

I’m back from my travels

I’ve been wanting to write this post for almost two weeks.  But i’ve been wanting to stay within my little bubble for just a little bit longer, invisible to the outside world.


The world where not many people know where I am or what i’m doing. I’m calling it time off, time off from being me and from being social media me.


The truth is, I kind of feel like a failure for cutting my year long trip short. I mean I only stuck it out for three months… why is it that I feel ashamed, I feel embarrassed?


The reality is that for me Australia was not what it was cracked up to be. But that is just my personal opinion, I mean i’m so happy I went and had the opportunity to live my life the other side of the world. But the truth is that no matter where you are in the world.. reality soon takes over.


The factors you really don’t want to consider play a very important role in that journey. I mean they do say money makes the world go around.


However, I’ve changed! I’ve learnt! I’ve grown! and I’m grateful for that! Australia has transformed the unsure graduate with no plan where she wants to be and where she wants to go.


The traveling part is not over for me. But for now, I’m happy to be home with my family, my doggies and my boyfriend. I’m excited to take new opportunities, to learn more about myself and about the world around me.


I mean, I shouldn’t be ashamed! I’ve done something many people are afraid to do, something that other’s would never consider. Truth be told i’ve learnt that places like Australia just don’t do it for me. I mean, my favourite country is India.. why the hell didn’t I travel around there for a year. But I’ve learnt and I have met some amazing people along my journey.


My mindset, my attitude and my ambition has changed. But my love for traveling hasn’t dwindled quite yet. So I may be sticking around in England for a couple more years, but watch this space because the travel bug still dwells.


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