Things you should thank your mum for

Things you should thank your mum for

Mum, I’m thankful for when you used to moan at me to take my umbrella outside or to wear a raincoat. Although it wasn’t initially raining, you always knew when the weather was going to change. I think a change in career is necessary for you, you weather woman! I always learnt the hard way.

Mum, I’m thankful for you being there to cheer me up with a movie, homemade cooking and a hug. I know whenever I cry it makes you cry too.  Thank you for sharing my pain and offering so much comfort for when I came home crying because of bullies or because I got a bad grade at school.

Mum, I’m thankful for everything you have taught me. You are the person who taught me how to tie my shoelaces, how to wear makeup properly and how to follow my dreams. Everything I’ve learnt is because of you, thank you.

Mum, I’m thankful for all those times you’ve hated a boy because he made me cry. You have always squeezed me tight and told me everything will be alright. You were never judging when I would go back out with him a million times, even though I knew you disliked it.

Mum, I’m thankful for you always being honest, even though I didn’t like it sometimes. Thank god you didn’t let me out of the house with those black lips or that awful choice of outfit. I could always rely on you to be honest and to never let me leave the house looking like a scruff.  Just like you, I’ll always be honest.

Mum, I’m thankful for those times you’ve accepted my lies because I was too afraid to tell the truth. I know you feel I was being dishonest, but I was only protecting you. I’ve learnt from those mistakes.

Mum, I’m thankful for all those times you’ve re-read my C.V a hundred time, helped me with job applications, helped me move into University and sat with me when I was learning to drive. I’m sorry for those near misses and scaring you with my erratic driving.

Mum, I’m thankful for knowing when to let me go. I know it can be sometimes difficult watching your child leave the nest, but I know that you understand that I have to spread my wings.

However, Mum, I’m thankful for knowing that whenever I fall, you will be right behind me to pick me back up.

It’s time to be thankful to our mum’s who put up with so much and expect so little in return.


Dedicated to my mother, 



  1. Julie Gittoes
    23/02/2016 / 07:30

    I loved this Estie it made me feel very emotional. All us Mummy’s need a little feed back once in a while to know we are doing ok. I will continue to nag pester and support you and will always be there for you. I love you more then words can say xx

    • awomanconsumedbywanderlust
      23/02/2016 / 07:31

      You’re pretty awesome momma!

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