‘A sun kissed day at Bondi beach’- Photo blog

‘A sun kissed day at Bondi beach’- Photo blog

I was browsing through some blogs yesterday and came across the concept of a photo blog. This is kind of perfect because I take so many photos and there is only so many times you can brag about your trips on Instagram.

Anyway, so here is my first photo blog. Let me know whether you like this concept and would like to see similar ones featured.


A sun kissed day at Bondi beach.

As we walked over to the not so crowded beach this Wednesday afternoon, I couldn’t help but feel the burning of the sun on the back of my neck. Today it was 30°c, a perfect day to lounge in the sand and watch the waves lapping in the distance. For those that know Bondi, this place is not the most relaxing of sorts. If you can shy away from the groups of pre teens talking about boys, or the loud burly men playing Justin Bieber. You still have the crazy choppy waves and the Jet Ski forever rescuing people who sway past the red flags to contend with, oh and of course you have Bondi rescue filming. What I like about Bondi, and I’ll be honest it took me a while to like it.. is the atmosphere. Yes it can be loud especially when you are trying desperately to get into your Elizabeth Gilbert book. But I love the fact you can just sit and watch the world go by because there is always something to look at.. You can watch the amazing skateboarders, or watch people contend with the waves and appreciate the amazing graffiti art that surrounds the beach.

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  1. 18/01/2016 / 06:25

    I’m going to Sydney for the first time in a couple of weeks, Bondi Beach is on my list of must-see!

    • 19/01/2016 / 09:33

      Yes you have to do Bondi beach. The best thing I’ve done since I’ve been there is probably the blue mountains. All travel on a sunday is $2.50, so that’s the perfect day to go as it’s about two hours outside Sydney.
      Make sure you get an opal card from a 24/7 shop. Use this for all travel purposes! I have so much advice haha!! Thank you for your comment and have a lovely trip 🙂

      • 19/01/2016 / 17:45

        Oh thanks for the tips! Do you think that I should go to blue mountains instead of Bondi beach? I won’t have a lot of time to explore Sydney 🙁

        • 19/01/2016 / 18:44

          How many days do you have in Sydney?
          Blue mountains, was amazing but it would take a whole day- if you decide to go then go on a sunday.
          Bondi is lovely, but there are a lot of equally nice beaches. However this is the nearest one to the city. You could do more in the day if you decide to go Bondi. But blue mountains would restrict you as it takes up the whole day! Hope this helps 🙂

          • 19/01/2016 / 20:27

            Well I’m staying two weeks but for work, so I will only have two weekends free for wandering around the city. Actually I will have one weekend in Sydney and the other one in Canberra since I’m visiting family over there as well. That’s why I’m wondering if it’s better to go to Bondi or Blue Mountains. I guess that if I go to Bondi I’ll have time to do something else afterwards. Thank you very much for your help ! I took notes on the transportation as well 😉

  2. 19/01/2016 / 20:44

    Yeah, If you go to Bondi you’ll be able to do other stuff like the bridge, opera house and botanical gardens. I would recommend a drink at the opera house in the evening, the view is amazing!
    I’m in Canberra at the minute 🙂
    Enjoy your trip!!

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