What hostel life is really like

What hostel life is really like

We’ve been in Sydney, Australia for over a week now. We started the first leg of our journey in the hostel; Base.  This was the first time I have ever set foot in a hostel environment, and i’ll be honest.. I was a little worried. I was worried whether we would be sharing a room with dirty/ loud or party people. But it turns out it wasn’t so bad, well apart from the jet lag, fear of pooing and the fire alarm going off at 8am.  Apart from that it was all great and dandy. When people say you need to experience hostel life because that’s when you’ll meet people, share stories, give advice and receive tips.  They are absolutely right.. You should listen to these people more.

We learnt a lot about Australia, Sydney and a lot about ourselves whilst we were there. Without this newly formed group of randomers we wouldn’t have learnt how to purchase an opal card, where’s best to get food and great activities to do. Whilst living with these people I experienced things I probably wouldn’t have considered… Like venturing into china town or doing a costal walk, (I’m not much of a walker).

The truth is hostel life means that you share your most intimate secrets with a bunch of strangers. You sometimes are going to have to change your bra in front of a load of boys, who will try their best not to stare. You’re going to be woken up throughout the night by your friend shagging that girl from a hostel a couple of doors down and you’re going to end up over sharing your whole life with these bunch of randoms. Hostel life can be very hit and miss. I mean you’re going to be fighting over the last fork in that skanky kitchen downstairs, you’re going to get sick of each other moaning and you are most likely going to be woken up by your roommate getting frisky. But you just need to relax and go along for the ride, and embrace the experiences and the people you have to live with.

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