My little box latest subscription- October

My little box latest subscription- October

This post is coming a little late, because My Little Box delivery seems to have had some problems. But I am happy to say that my new box is finally here.

I read a lot of reviews on facebook whilst eagerly awaiting for mine to arrive. Unfortunately a lot of comments were negative, but I honestly have no idea why!

This month’s theme was “My little Creative box”. Which I totally love the concept of!


What was included:

  • My little world magazine
  • Kanako postcard
  • Wire wrap beads, My little box, £16
  • Tote bag, My little box, £15
  • Face cream, My little beauty, £15
  • Hydrating cream, Baija, £12.90
  • Nails inc nail varnish- Tate red, £11

I love what’s included in this months box, it has a great little bundle of trinkets and beauty products. However there isn’t much in the way of creative items. I love this sketch tote bag which I presume has been illustrated by in house designer Kanako.  A great idea, especially after this new law of paying 5 pence for bags. I am currently using this for my food shopping and taking my laptop bag back and forth to places.


The Tech jewellery is also a cute little thing, you can find them around my earphones looking obviously colourful and creative.  Although I have to say I was helplessly picking up bits of colourful plastic off the gym floor today. They just completely fell off my headphones, which was rather annoying.  An exciting concept but unfortunately it wasn’t executed as well as I had hoped. Which is a slight disappointment, as on the pictures they look cute and colourful. I did try and use these on my mac air cable, like the picture. But My cable was just too chunky.

I’m very excited to try this hydrating cream (the tropical looking one), the packaging is just so cute!! I cannot wait to try this amazing looking product. It includes beeswax, shea butters, coconut butter and jojoba.  The face cream looks equally as nice, with a minty smell. I think I will be using this at night to tackle my tired looking skin and dark circles, especially after doing 7am starts at work.

I think I already have the nail varnish in a previous box, but I do love the colour. Especially for this autumn weather.

Overall I am pleased with this months box, although it hasn’t been my most favourite. I don’t think it deserves all of the negative comments on social media. I love this box and I love my subscription, although unfortunately November’s box will be my last (If it comes in time before my trip), instead my momma will be receiving the boxes.

If you quite fancy checking out my little box, check out their website here; 

If you missed last months box, check it out here

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