20 tell tale signs you are in a comfortable relationship.

20 tell tale signs you are in a comfortable relationship.

It can vary on the length of time you are with someone before you can slowly start to reveal your imperfections. I mean you  really think girls don’t fart (We’ve been holding them in for months now), believe it or not, but we don’t actually wake up looking flawless (Thank you makeup) and we’re not always clean shaven downstairs.

Here are the 20 tell tale signs you are too comfortable in your relationship.

  1. You end up being the other half’s personal assistant. You check their emails, ensure they’ve paid their bills, reminded them of their family birthdays and commitments.
  2. You text and call their family more than they do.
  3. It’s okay to be slightly hairy, nobody will mind- who cares that you can’t afford a wax this month.
  4. You no longer have to hold your farts in anymore (sorry, so crude) instead you hold their head under the covers.
  5. Joint showers become more practical than sexy- you end up washing each others intimate areas and not get turned on.
  6. You don’t just share the same deodorant, you share clothes, moisturisers and even razors.
  7. You can be doing completely different things whilst in the same room and just not care.  Go ahead and play fifa, I’m just gonna chill on sims and eat chocolate.
  8. You cut each other’s toenails and not even get grossed out anymore.
  9. You can wear no makeup, pj’s and wet, unbrushed hair and just not care.
  10. You help chose each other’s outfits when you just cannot be bothered.  I mean you obvs have better style than the other half. Sometimes you even end up dressing each other.
  11. You take a shower whilst the other one sits on the loo.  I mean, we’re saving time, right?
  12. You can sit naked in the house, and just not give a shit. Forget being self conscious anymore.
  13. You fight over who is cooking dinner, and in the end give in and get a takeaway.
  14. You pick each others spots and check for lumps on each others body.  Because we all have to make sure our health is in tip top condition.
  15. You no longer ask if you can borrow each others things. Instead you just take it, keep it and never give it back.
  16. Deals and bargains start to rule the relationship. “I’ll tickle your back for 5 minutes if you spoon me”.
  17. You laugh at other couples soppy messages to each other, and reminisce about those honey moon stages.
  18. You literally talk in almost your own language. “You fib fob”,
  19. You can let your other half know when they have bad breath without embarrassment.
  20. When all of the good stuff outweighs the bad stuff, and you can be truthful and honest no matter what. That’s when you know you are in the greatest and most comfortable relationship.

Do you have any signs to add to the list?

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