10 Apps that I am currently loving on my iphone

10 Apps that I am currently loving on my iphone

My iPhone is often filled with thousands of pictures, so my memory is almost always full of weird and random pictures.  I don’t have a lot of apps currently on my iPhone, as I think photos are more important to me atm.

But here is a list of the apps that I am most obsessed with currently.  All can be downloaded from the istore.

  1. Dumb ways to die.  –Free.
    My rating: ★★★★


This is one of the best games that I own on my phone. With little challenges is a great game to play with your mates. It reminds me of smooth moves on the wii with little challenges to complete as it gets faster and faster. Is also has great cartoon animations and a catchy theme tune for all the dumb ways to die. It’s also great as it promotes safety when crossing train tracks.

2. Easy loss, Bikini body system- Price unsure!

My rating: ★★★


This is a hypnosis for weight loss. I don’t think these hypnosis tapes always work as I think that some people it can work on but others it can’t. I’m the one that it won’t work on. But I listen to it as a relaxation tape, as it can always get me to sleep. But if you wake up with a bikini body then great!! It has some great extras included including weight loss tips, water reminders and food diaries. The tape also changes for each day you do.

3. Mindfulness app- £1.49

My rating: ★★★


This app helps with relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness. I love this app, it reminds me to practice relaxation and offers lessons each day and different techniques. Great for people who suffer with anxiety or just people that need a break for 2 mins away from the outside world.

4. Life in seconds- Free

My rating: ★★★


This is one of my fave apps. Although it’s a nightmare trying to remember to film everyday. Basically you film a couple of seconds of your life everyday and eventually make a short video at the end of the year. Just try to remember to film everyday.

5. Fitbit- Free

My rating: ★★★


Unfortunately you can only have this app if you have a fitbit. My friend kindly bought me one a couple of months ago. Along with the app you can monitor how many steps and floors you have done, how many calories you have burnt and monitors your resting heart rate. You can also monitor your weight loss and put how much you want to lose in- it then calculates how many calories you can have each day and how much you need to lose a week. It also has a food diary to monitor your calorie intake and has little challenges that you can do with friends. A great health app, although fitbit’s can be pricey!

6. Big day lite Free

My rating: ★★


This is a great little app if you’re like me and can’t wait to work out how many days you have until an event or particular event.  Although unfortunately all that you can do on this app is change the picture and document the date of your adventure. Great if you are an eager beaver.

7. Plant nanny- Free

My rating: ★★★


For those of you that don’t drink enough water, this app is great to keep you hydrates. Everytime you drink a glass of water you have to water the same amount to your plant. It reminds you throughout the day that your plant is thirsty, as it’s important to keep your plant from dying.

8. Breathe- Free

My rating: ★★★


This is one of my new apps which also helps improve breathing techniques and mediations. It asks how you are feeling and suggests a mediation to suit your mood. Great app to improve your health, concentration and fitness.

9. Houzz- Free

My rating: ★★★


This is great for those interior design lovers.  If you have a new house and want inspiration away from pintrest than this app is perfect. It also tells you where you can buy certain items from on the pictured rooms. All you have to do is type a keyword and see what room ideas pop up.

10. Been- Free

My rating: ★★★


One of my fave apps! This is ideal for the traveler who wants to document where they have been in the world. A great little app to find out much of the world you have explored and are yet to explore.

Do you have any apps that I can add to my list?

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