A few little Tesco beauty treats

A few little Tesco beauty treats

This is a short post, just because I seem to have been so busy lately. With a new part time job and getting everything ready for my Australia adventures.. my mind has been all over the place and my blogging has been lacking.


So today I popped into my town centre ready to transfer some money from one account into the other. (I’m paying for my flights this week!!)- not sure what i’m on about click here. So I parked in Tesco and had a little wonder after my bank trips. After having a massage yesterday at an amazing spa for my friends birthday (post soon I promisee). I decided to purchase a body exfoliating scrub to get my skin ready for my ozzie tan. I’ve been told that I should be exfoliating at least once a week. But because I’m a lazy 21 year old, of course I’ve been skipping this beauty regime.. SHusshh!! I opted for the cheapest I could see, because I’m obvs trying to save the pennies. ‘That Vanilla moment’ by Treacle moon is my new favourite thing, the smell is just so delish and with the cute packaging I could not resist.

Tesco are also have a clearance on their suncream.  I say clearance like it’s on offer for £1! ha! don’t be silly! Anyway, because we’re travelling to Dubai first I decided to opt for factor 15 on the Hawaiian Tropic suncream, because it smells sooo good. Everyone always raves about this suncream, so lets see what all the fuss is about.  This was £6, I know so expensive.. but this is normally £12. *sigh of relief*.  I also purchased factor 30 for when it’s soo bloody hot in either Australia or Dubai. I really don’t want to burn or peel. This was £3 and it’s the calypso sun lotion, factor 30. This is normally £6, have no idea if it’s any good. But it did win Which? best buy 2014.

I also have my cotton pads, as I have been cleansing my face regularly now, which is a real achievement for me. Especially as I struggle to remember things in my routine.

And finally a really random buy is my tampons. Haha!! I know, sorry! I just think the packaging is just so bloody cute, I have never seen anyone go to this much effort for a tampon before! Couldn’t resist..thanks Tampax for making us women feel lovely! These were £2, and each size is a different pattern.


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