Taking the plunge- Australian working visa

Taking the plunge- Australian working visa

So a couple of weeks ago Luke and I took the plunge and booked a ticket to Australia for the year. We never planned on going this early, but after finishing University and struggling to find a job, now seems like the perfect time for an adventure. We plan to go end of November and will be documenting the process on my blog. I can hardly contain my excitement for the opportunity to go half way around the world and tackle the backpackers dream.

We have decided to go on a working holiday visa so we will be working whilst we’re out there. Keep following for up to date posts on our journey including applying for visas, packing and finding a job. We’ll be stopping over in Dubai for three nights and then flying to Sydney where we will spend Christmas and New years. After that, where we’ll be heading is a mystery.

We booked everything with the travel company STA. Who are fantastic at organising everything. Check them out here; 

From them we have sorted out our rather expensive insurance and put the deposit down on our flights.

So with just 90 days to go I can’t wait to start a brand new adventure.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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