10 Thoughts that all graduates go through

10 Thoughts that all graduates go through


Graduate life sucks! I mean it’s okay if you’ve landed your dream job and you’ve just moved out of mum and dads.  But if your like me with nothing to do and forever searching on indeed for any old job.  You can probably relate to at least one of these thoughts.

*Should I really be queuing up for job seekers? I don’t feel entitled to that money. I mean I’ve only been unemployed for a month.

*Why are applications so daym hard. What happened to the days where forwarding your c.v would be enough to land you a job.

*Surely the number of graduates with depression is bloody high. I mean, is there anything more depressing about working hard to get a degree and then being rejected for a job at savers (No offence to people who work for savers).

*I miss Uni, I miss everything about it *sob* *sob*

*What do I put for employment on a form. I can’t put unemployed? Oh god.

*I need a  job any old job.

*I think I might just run away to a foreign country and never come back.

*What the hell do I even want to do in life?

*My degree was such a waste of time

*Why is everyone getting amazing jobs but me?

Do you have any thoughts to add to my list?

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