My little Box catchup

My little Box catchup

This post is coming to you a little late, with the moving off uni stuff to my home back in Birmingham.  Everything is still all over the place, I mean my bedroom doesn’t look in the best state! Sorry mum!!

July’s box is also coming to you a little late. Due to the change in addresses 🙁 I’ll try not to sob too much!) So why not pair the two late boxes together.

June’s box: French Rivieria.

A very summery/ holiday kind of vibe from this box, which I absolutely loved!


Unfortunately because it was quite a while ago I actually lost the little pieces of paper with all the pricing info, ohh well.

This box included: 

*Sailor Scrub- Salty Fresh:
This smells amazing, perfect to get rid of all that dead skin and to make way for that perfect even tan.

*Kerastase Resistance:
Strengthens damaged hair and is perfect as a heat protector from straighteners and hairdryers.

*Cute little sunnies: Ideal for the summer weather (If we ever get any!)- Maybe i’ll save this for my hols.

*Two cute little holders:
Whether you use these for your pencil crayons or your plants, it’s a cute and perfect desk tidy.

* Blue Nail varnish- Loved by Sarah Lavoine:
Lovely little nail varnish to match the sea whilst your away on holiday a perfect fit for the French riviera

*Little card quote

*My little world magazine

Now the theme for July’s box is probably my favourite yet! – I’m obsessed with traveling and a box dedicated to adventure and travel is kind of perfect for me!

July’s Box: My Little Road Trip

lil box1


What’s included:

*Essie Orange nail varnish RRP £7.99:
Everybody raves how good Essie nailvarnish is, but I have never tried it. So I’ll give it a go and let you know.

*Garnier Micellar cleansing water, RRP £1.99
The perfect size to fit in your luggage if your going off exploring but want to keep your skin looking fresh.

*Golden temp tattoos, RRP £3.50:
Great for a festival or those evenings on holiday full of dancing and drinking, bohemian vibes!

*Travel organiser, RRP £10.50:
I will be definitely be using this for my many adventures to keep all my documents safe

*Summer sorbet after sun,RRP £9:
Perfect if your trying to keep your summer glow, it also smells amazing!

*Cristal stylus, RRP £1.40:
It took me a while to realise why this would cost so much for a pen, until I realised it has a stylus thing on the end. This means you can write and type something on a phone or ipad. Amazing!

*Summer postcard, £3.50:
Cute little idea to write down all your summer memories and then post them to someone you love. Too cute!!


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