Those Graduate interviews,

I’m a now recent graduate, if you haven’t heard! I’ll try not to sing my praises too much, but I am a recent graduate. Okay, I’ll stop now! Promise,

on ya bike

So the other week I underwent my first graduate interview, Eeeek!! I think it’s time to start realising that I am an adult now. Although the job was only temp work, and I didn’t get it. I have learnt so much from that palm sweating, nerve racking experience. I mean I’ve been to my fair share of interviews. But the graduate interviews, I think they are the hardest.. So in light of my interview tomorrow, I have compiled a list of hints and tips for those interviews.

1. Don’t be so freaking scared. I’m currently telling myself this 100 times over, of course your going to be nervous. Just try to mask the nervousness with confidence, I mean come on! Any girl can fake a smile.

2. Don’t chew gum. ¬†Why did I even think that this was a good idea. Even if you slide it to the roof of your mouth, you cannot help but chew it when you lose focus.

3. Turn the bloody phone off. During a Boots interview, my alarm did go off! How embarrassing, I didn’t get it by the way!

4. Do some research. I found myself speechless trying to explain what exactly the department does. Doh!!

5. Practice. Practice in front of the mirror or even with your overbearing, question asking mother.

6. Always ask questions. Urghh!! I hate this, I can never think of any. I have just read that you should ask a minimum of 5 to look interested in the position. Eeek! Compile a list.

7. Print off and revise the job description and spec.

8. Body language. Don’t slouch, sit up straight, shake hands firmly and make eye contact

9. Smileeeee. Everyone loves a good smile

10. Dress appropriately. I read somewhere once, that you should wear heels instead of flats.

So I’m starting to do my research and print off my notes tonight.

Wish me luck!

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