Holiday makeup essentials

This week on holiday, I found myself without my makeup bag!! Arghh!! Can you imagine my disappointment and anger that when I opened my leopard print bag, my makeup bag was no where to be seen.

Thank the lord! That nobody actually knows who I am on holiday, I mean I can get away with not having my eyebrows waxed for like a month; right?!

So here are my makeup essentials, if your not wearing makeup on holiday- whether this is by choice or not.  So get yourself to Boots for these essentials.

*My life saving makeup remover. I hate getting eyeliner and mascara on the pillows. Or when you get back from a day at the beach and you come back with panda eyes. Makeup wipes are a god send, I have opted for simply just because it’s sensitive and I have come up with a rash of spots.

*N07 Beautiful Skin Day cream. This day cream is a little expensive, hence why I cringe when my boyfriend asks to borrow some. They do last forever though, and the improvement of my skin is phenomonal. I was recomended this by the N07 rep in Boots, because my skin kept changing colour. This is because I didn’t moisturise. This is also great for when you want to keep your tanned colour on your face.

*Mascara. Any old mascara will do for an evening look, to brighten up your eyes. Mine are purchased from Cosmo (as I forgot my makeup bag).

*Eyeliner. The beauty of all chalky type of eyeliner (In between pencil and liquid) is that it’s so easy to apply and lasts forever. In the day i just wear it on my bottom eyelid and in the evening I opt for a smokey eye look over the top of my eyelids.

*Face tinter. Instead of applying foundation and changing your skin colour. I mean why would you want a pasty face and a tanned bod. I have opted for my little box face tinter. But Olay is amazing. It’s so much more subtle and light compared to foundation and it has a moisturiser.

*My newest purchase; Nivea Sensitive cleansing water. Perfect to hydrate, cleanse, tone and remove makeup. This is my first purchase of this item, but for the price it is I will be maintaing this purchase and adding it to my daily regime.

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  1. 13/08/2015 / 11:42

    I absolutely love Simple’s cleansing wipes, they are so amazing! A holy grail product in my collection as well <3

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