Weekend boyfriend

Weekend boyfriend

I now have a weekend boyfriend, yep that’s right!! This is a first for me, I have always lived not that fair away from a boy that I have been dating. But after a year and a half and an undergraduate degree later, I have found myself with a weekend boyfriend. The truth of it is after just the second week it’s not actually that bad. But I am a newcomer to this sorta romance. I mean it’s not like a long distance thing, we only live two hours apart. But sometimes that two hours seem like a world away when you’re having a shit day and fancy a cuddle on a weekday evening, or fancy going out for dominoes two for tuesdays. But sometimes relationships have tests, and I just have to think that this is another test to see if we’re cut out for the relationship. So here are the ten truths about having a weekend boyf.

Photo Courtesy of Death to stock
Photo Courtesy of Death to stock

1. Bad day at work, I know the feeling. But guess you have to wait for the weekend to have that cuddle and that reminder that your pretty daym amazing.

2. You end up spending hours on the phone catching up, but a call never seems enough. And your phone bill will end up through the roof.

3. You appreciate the weekends more. You make the most of them with day trips out or weekends away. Except you kinda miss those lazy days in bed with nothing to do.

4. You have to make the decision as to whether you go out with your mates and sacrifice not seeing the boy for a week, or chose the boyf over your mates.

5. Sleeping next to each other is probably now only limited to two days a week.

6. You appreciate each other’s time more. You love the time you do spend together and don’t take it for granted.

7. You look forward to the weekend and the prospect of doing something exciting and just spending time together.

8. If pets are involved, this can be a little tricky!

9. You miss each other a hell of a lot more, and this can be a good thing.

10. The weekends come so quickly because you can’t wait for them to happen. Remember this is just temporary.

Do you have any to add to the list if your in a weekend relationship?

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