Reevaluating my life


I’m the kinda girl that loves a plan, but what happens when your plan gets ruined. You struggle to know what the next step is, right?. I understand how difficult it is now for those people who have finished University and are currently looking for a job. I read a very depressing article today about Graduate thoughts from Cosmo snapchat. I refuse to be those grads.

I had my whole plan sorted. I was going to move back home and undergo my internship for Digital Marketing. Live in a flat, just me and my puppy. But no! A week before I was due to start they don’t need me and would rather an apprentice. – Can you tell I’m slightly bitter about this. So after a depressed couple of days, I have decided to pick myself back up and try even harder. I mean nothing ever came easy to anyone right?! I feel more determined and motivated than ever to establish a new plan and get where I want to be.  So I have a list, (Yes I like lists too, okay?!) A list of things I need to do to stay motivated and happy and determined to get there. I think I have finally found what I want to do; it’s just getting there.  I know what I want, I’m going to try so hard to get it.

My list-
(Let’s see how long this will last)

*Apply for lots and lots of Jobs

*Read more to make me clever

*Write more, it’s good for my soul

*Maintain friendships- it’s a hard one for me!- I’m lazy

*Stop moaning

*Be happy and smile more

*Eat healthy and exercise more (starting tomorrow, obvs)

*Save your frickin money

*Stay motivated 

*Stop taking life too seriously. 

There you have it my new plan and yearly goal.

Are you sorta in the same position as me?- I’m due to leave my house in Northampton at the end of the month, lets hope I have some direction by then.

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