June’s Wish List

It’s the start of the month and this means it’s time for June’s Wish list.  I’ve finished University now and after receiving some disappointing news I think I deserve most of the items on my list. So enjoy!

june wish list

1. Cactus. £3 Ikea. Check it out here; 

Everybody seems to rave about cactuses, I want to see what all the fuss is about. Yeah they’re cute, hopefully I won’t catch my finger on a spike.

2. Grow your own Sunflower. £6, Urban Outfitters. Check it out here;

I love flowers especially sunflowers, so this is a purchase I quite fancy. I have never grown any of my own flowers, so it will be interesting to see how this experiment will go.

3. Desk Organiser. £10.99, Urban Outfitters. Check it out here;

How cute is this little desk organiser, I am obsessed with old cameras so this would be the perfect edition to my bedroom.

4. Adult colouring book. £7.49. Waterstones. Check it out here; 

This is meant to be really therapeutic and relaxing. I love colouring but I can imagine myself getting a bit annoyed if I get it over the lines.

5. Yellow Floral Print Waisted Maxi Dress. £40 ,Riverisland, Check it out here

This is when I wished I was a little taller. I love maxi dresses but only being 5″2 I find it very difficult to wear these beauties. *Sad Face*. Wishing I was taller for this dress.

6. Big Hero 6, £10, Sainsburys. Check it out here; 

This looks like such a cute film. I love a good movie night, so this will be the purchase of the month.

7. St Tropez gradual in shower tan. £14.50 , Boots.  Check it out here; 

I have heard such good things about this gradual in shower tan.  Although it’s quite expensive, I would love to try this product.  It seems a lot quicker and easier than applying fake tan with a mit.

8. Picture frames. £19.95, Not on the high street. Check it out here; 

These look so cute, I think it’s such a shame that people don’t print out more photos. These would look lovely displayed in my house.

9. Boyfriend Jacket. £46. Topshop. Check it out here; 

I am in love with this jacket. It’s so cute and stylish. Something I would love with this unpredictable weather. You could wear this jacket casually or dress it up for an evening with the girls.

Have you seen last months faves?- Want to have a look; Click here;

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