10 things all girls do before a night out

10 things all girls do before a night out

I’m writing this the day before my end of year University ball already making mind notes of what I need to do to prepare myself. I’m waiting for my housemate to get out of the shower so we can go to town to get our eyebrows waxed.. Already I’m thinking about my preparation process. So here is what all girls do before a night out

1. Manage the eyebrows.
Of course this is one of the most annoying parts of my evening. I’m a little too lazy to be plucking my eyebrows, so I go and get them waxed for a fiver. Not bad! No matter how you maintain them, your eyebrows should be looking on point for any occasion.

2. Try on about 100 outfits before finding the one.
I bet the outfit you end up wearing is the first one you tried on, yep we’ve all been there.  You throw the whole contents of your wardrobe on your bed and then feel to lazy to put them away when you have finally found the dream outfit.

3. Deciding on how your going to do your hair and instantly regretting it when it rains. 
Curly or straight?! This is the nightmare dilemma I have when it comes to my hair. Do I leave it straight for something different, and risk it going curly if it rains. Or leave it curly so then it doesn’t matter if it rains. Do I have it up or down?!- So many decisions.

4. You get dressed in each others room. 
We all have our own rooms, except it seems more fun to all get dressed together. Even though your running in and out of your own room anyway.

5. You spend about an hour in the shower shaving. 
You obvs have to prep your legs especially for a ball. Bu because you may have left the last session a little longer than expected you end up spending hours in there.

6. Get the wine/ Prosecco out.
Of course you need a glass or two whilst your getting ready.

7. Ask for reassurance; “Do I look okay?!”

8. All crowd in front of the mirror whilst borrowing each others makeup.
Your all in one room with one mirror. Find a little corner to do your makeup.  “Can I borrow your mascara?”.

9. Get the makeup ready to put in your handbag. 
We all have to take makeup if anybody needs any retouching.

10. Contemplate whether taking your debit card is a good idea.
I mean you could get stuck with no money to get home, but you will spend it if you have it.

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