Annoying things girls go through

Annoying things girls go through

Girls, we go through a lot don’t we?! Here are the top ten annoying things girls have to go through.

1. Boob splurge.  Please tell me I’m not the only one that suffers with this, I’m constantly pulling my bra up! “Boobs stay still”!

2. Bloody Periods!! Yess I know every woman has to go through this. But it’s so annoying, sometimes it can just hit you so unexpected. I mean come on, you could have at least given me some warning mother nature! ..And those period pains, urgh!

3. Shaving, the most tedious and tiresome task. I mean the hairs could at least give you a break and wait 24 hours before they begin to grow again.

4. Feelings. Why are us girls so sensitive. Feelings can be so annoying and get in the way of everything. I mean i’m shouting at someone and all of a sudden I burst out crying. Or I’m talking to a guy mate and then I kinda start to fancy him, and now it’s ohh so awkward.

5. Meeting bad men. I mean we have all encountered our fair share of dickhead men.  We sometimes have to date these losers in order to find the decent one.

6. Heartbreak. Yes all of us at least once in our life will go through heartache. But we are strong and a glass of wine can sure help mend any broken heart.

7. Peeing after sex. Does anybody else find this annoying?- I mean boys can just roll over and sleep. Whereas us girls have to scurry around for some clothes to go to the loo to avoid getting a urine infection (We all know how painful these are).

8. Doing makeup pretty much everyday. For the girls that don’t wear any, fair play! I wish I could feel as confident as you do bare skinned. For those that do, how much of a chore is it really putting on your slap every morning and sometimes again in the evening.

9. Being groped in a club. Urmm.. Sorry who gives you the right to touch my ass?!

10. Smudging nail polish. You have spent a good half an hour doing your nails so perfect, and you just need to reach for that top and.. Whoops! It’s smudged! Lets just cry in a corner okay?!

Do you have any annoying things to add to the list?


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