6 People you’ll find on facebook

IMG_6584We all get frustrated with those particular people on facebook. I mean lets face it, social media has almost taken up most of our lives. We are bound to find an assortment of personalities on there, some of which we don’t particularly even like.  If you are on of these people, don’t take offence, your just bloody annoying!

1). The person who uses facebook as their personal diary:
Do these people not understand that nobody cares that they have woken up and cleaned the house all day and then went food shopping and look there was buy one get one free on chips. Just stop! Go to paper chase or Whsmith and get a diary. I mean, why do you feel the need to tell people what your are up to on a daily basis.  A stalker wouldn’t have any problems finding you.

2). That lovey dovey couple: 
Those cringey facebook posts to each other, I mean haven’t you heard of private messaging? Nobody wants to see the soppy over cringey, private jokes that you share. And stop with the overload of kisses, no need to make the post any worse. I’m not criticising those couples that post a cute status on anniversaries or birthdays.  It’s the ones where all they do is go on; “I love you so much baby, 4evezzz”.  Or what’s worse those that comment on each other statuses like “What’s up”, when they bloody live together- your in the next room, go and ask!. Urghh!!

3). Those wanna be photographers.. that your sorta, kinda jealous of.
Pictures all over their wall. Their life looks so perfect and a lot better than yours. How can they take such pretty pictures of the most disinteresting things. I mean these people can make an orange look quirky. Just go away and upload them on flickr or pintrest. Your making my life suck!

4). The people that share articles, funny pictures and quizes.
Yes we all like a funny video every once in a while. But when you upload quizes of “Which disney princess are you”, “how many children will I have” all the time. It gets a little boring. Especially when the articles are a load of shit. The worst is when they comment on every photo/video/article tagging their partner with of course a stupid amount of “xxxxxx”.

5). “Like this status and I’ll rate you out of ten”.
Do people really still do this?- Go get a life!

6). People who use facebook to rant about their backstabbing friends.
You can’t help but be nosey when you see a whop off paragraph, but it does get a little tiresome when you like it and about 50 people comment saying “What’s up”.  Go and talk it out, or keep your silly reasons to yourself.

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