“Lets Talk”, why talking is always a good idea.


Probably one of the best pieces of advice I have ever had, advice your mother always tells you.

How are we meant to know how people are feeling and in particular yourself if you just don’t ‘talk about it’, Some people forget that we are not mind readers.  Talking it out, is probably one of the greatest therapeutic tactics, I mean shrinks have been using this tool for years (and make money from it). Talking to someone about any problems that you have, unloads a heap of pressure, guilt and uncertainty.  Sometimes all you actually need is for someone to sit and listen to your problems. I know my mum is probably fed up of listening to all of mine. Your not weak sharing your feelings, if anything your stronger.. I mean it takes guts!

After an argument or a pre tension build up, talking to each other can save so much heartache. But from experience it’s give and take.  You have to listen whilst they talk, they have to listen whilst you talk. I’ve learnt especially this week, that no matter how hard it is to hear you have to face facts and ‘talk’.  Talking solves a bunch of problems, and even though it’s not always what you want to hear, sometimes you just need to hear it.

With any problem whether it’s relationship based, exam stress or just generally feeling blue talking is the best way to maybe not fully solve the problem but it sure does help. My boyfriend hates it when I say ‘lets talk’.. he starts to get all sweaty and panicky. But really talking about your feelings is what makes you human. I think that boys in particular try to avoid talking about their problems or their feelings. But from experience, it’s always best to just go on and talk about it.

So go on! Suck it up, and talk about your problems.. I can guarantee that you will feel so much better for it.

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