The truth behind getting a puppy with your partner

The truth behind getting a puppy with your partner


Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of her tiny physique, her dumbo ears or those lovely puppy dog eyes. This morning I was greeted with a wet patch at the bottom of my bed. Yes my puppy had wet the bed. A lovely thing to wake up to in the morning, especially as it was 4am and I needed  more sleep so had to carry on sleeping under the wee. My duvet is currently being destroyed in the washing machine,  I would rather a ripped duvet than a smelly festering wee one. Having a puppy with your significant other causes many many problems. The truth of it is, the couples with those cute instagramed dogs are not telling you the truth.

I have constantly been finding poo under the bed that has probably been there for a month, learnt my dogs bladder routine, chased after her after she escaped and had to deal with early morning barking.

This my friends; is Dottie.. Do not be fooled!

I’m going to tell you the truth of what having a dog in your early twenties does to not only your relationship, your sense of smell but also your sleeping patterns.

  • You argue, argue, argue! Your training methods seem the most legit, yet finding a common ground is a difficult one. Be prepared for most arguments being based around toilet training and sleeping arrangements.
  • Your sense of smell will increase, you can smell  when a poo has been done on the other side of the house.
  • You will be very tired. You will be woken up early (sometimes finding your pup stretched out on your face).
  • Say goodbye to spontaneous trips out. Your puppy will cry until you come back home.
  • Your sex life will become non existent. You will either have to learn to go without or position yourself so the dog can’t watch you.
  • Be prepared for the fleas! Make sure you get some good flea treatment, wash your puppy before and spray the house.
  • You become a physic. You can tell when your puppy needs to go out for a wee.
  •  There will always be a good cop/ bad cop. You will always be the bad cop.
  • Vacuuming and sweeping in peace is no longer an option.
  • There will be constant tests of your commitment to your dog.
  • You will buy every toy under the sun, except they would rather play with a bit of cardboard or a spoon
  • Be prepared for no more spooning sessions in the bed. The puppy will insist on being in the middle of you two.
  • You will find yourself constantly talking about them, like their your child
  • You will learn puppy talk.. and look silly in front of your friends.
  • Your friends will love her, until she poos where she’s not meant to
  • Arguments will be caused, not just between your partner
  • You find yourself ecstatic when she goes outside for a wee
  • They will constantly eat everything and anything. A clean house is essential
  • Dog stain and odour removal is a god send
  • Poo bags are your new fave item
  • It will put you off getting another puppy
  • You appreciate those couples that have a puppy and a child.

Don’t get me wrong I love my puppy to pieces, but I hope she’ll grow out of her little accident stages. Don’t buy a puppy with your partner on a whim, think about it carefully. It causes a huge strain to both your lives, so make sure it’s the right thing.


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