Tell tale signs you have reached third year of uni


1. You no longer arrive to lectures hungover

2. If you have no makeup on it’s because you’ve been doing an all nighter of essays not partying

3. You are no longer nocturnal and don’t sleep in past 11am

4. You go out clubbing only for a special special occasion (like- if it’s your birthday)

5. When you do go out, your constantly feeling old in propaganda loos

6. You no longer recognise anyone on campus

7. You actually turn up to lectures now

8. You spend your money on food and days out rather than alcohol

9. You can get drunk off a bottle of cider

10. You no longer live off takeaways instead you can cook a sunday roast

11. Your awake for when the bin men and the mail man arrives

12. You have no motivation to leave the house

13. In fact you probably haven’t left the house for a week.. let’s be honest

14. You enjoy buying fresh flowers instead of a packet of cigarettes

15. Even though you no longer go out you still wonder where all your money is going

16. You curse your housemates for being noisy at 1am

17 You no longer need coffee in the morning

18 You know your way round the library

19. Your mum has a better social life than you

20. You go out for meals rather than pub crawls

21. You start to plan your future

22. You constantly remind yourself of how old your getting

23. When you go out clubbing you no longer wear that short dress or that crop top, your sophisticated and opt for a midi dress.

24. You no longer like cheap bottles of cider from aldi, your a cocktail addict now

25. You can remember things, and don’t suffer from short term memory loss

26. You no longer wake up next to a stranger

27. You never do the walk of shame

28. Your friday nights consist of a movie and popcorn in bed

29. Your idea of fun is a nice walk in the country

30. “Did you hear on the news..”- becomes your catchphrase

31. You would rather clean the house than host pre drinks

32. You attend more house parties than nightclubs

33. You never wake up with sick in your hair in a strangers bed

34. You actually have a job

35. All your social interactions now involve dissertation talk

Just because you have reached third year of uni, this doesn’t make you old and boring. Your just a lot more mature and sophisticated for all these fresher newbies.

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