Paperchase Bargain!

Paperchase Bargain!

I can hardly call this a haul because I literally bought stickers. Which is and will forever be one of my favourite things to buy. I love paperchase, and when they present you with a sale, how can you simply refuse?! ..You just can’t!

So here are the little bargains I got from paperchase!

Paperchase haul

So I have included my lush product in this little post, couldn’t refuse!

Sketch owl stickers: £0.45
Notepaper in box Zanzibar: £3.50
Stickers Snackpackers: £1.00
Splatter heads caps stickers: £1.00
Toad-ally yours: £0.30
Lets Talk: £0.30
Smile: £0.60

I love paperchase, I love stationary and just everything they have in there. I’ve made a promise to myself that when I get married I will get all my stuff from paperchase because it is so idyllic.  From the picture above you can see the cute stickers I purchased the one has little owls on, the other has random little characters from all over the world, and the last one has cute animals that have glitter inside that moves around when you shake them!

I am obsessed with all the postcards in paperchase and collect them all the time, and this time was no different.
lets talk

So this time for my postcards I got the beautiful ‘smile’ one- because sometimes you just need that reminder to smile once in a while! I also got the ‘lets talk’ postcard, because I always say this to my boyfriend and he gets all nervous and panicky! Thought he would appreciate this one, aaha! The smile postcard wasn’t in the sale, but lets talk was 🙂


I also love the quirky cards in paperchase, my boyfriend was taking his driving test this particular week, so I bought the Toad-ally card as a well done or an oh well card! This was in the sale- cheap-scate I know!

I am starting a new job soon, where the name is Zebra. I love Zebra’s and when I saw this I thought it would be perfect to take to work! It’s note paper and a pencil.

So here is my lush bath bomb! I did take a pic of it going into the bath, but think I accidentally deleted it!
lush lushhh

I thought because I was home and I don’t get to have a bath very often (because I have a shower at my house- lets make this clear) I thought that I deserved a treat. This bath bomb was ..lushhh!! It made my skin so smooth and silky and smelled like butter milk. Was delishhh!

What things do you love from paperchase?

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  1. 25/04/2015 / 13:59

    Those stickers look so cute! 😀 Lovely postcards too! Great finds. 🙂

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