20 Things Uni Students have done but will never admit to

20 Things Uni Students have done but will never admit to


  • You email your lecturer telling them your ill when really you are hungover
  • When you run out of toilet paper at home, you steal some from the library toilets
  • You keep re-taking out books, because you can’t be bothered to walk to Uni and give it back
  • You leave work till a couple of hours before the deadline, because you work better under pressure
  • Completed the walk of shame at least once during your degree
  • Being sick in a club (in my friends cases down the sofa or over the bar)
  • Have passed out somewhere other than your bedroom (taxi road home, outside halls perhaps)
  • You spend the days in the library, not doing work but watching inbetweeners
  • Most people think your out partying every weekend, but instead your watching disney films on the sofa
  • You tell your parents you have no money because you bought too much food, when really you’ve spent it on alcohol and that new dress
  • You play music on your phone when your on the loo, because it’s a big one and you don’t want people to hear
  • You tell your parents you have loads of assignments to avoid talking about your life
  • You say you’ve done every reference in your essay when really you used neilstoolbox
  • Your one minute late for a lecture, and decide it’s best not to go in
  • You tell your family that you are managing your money well, when really your in loads of overdraft debt
  • You think your friends Uni sounds so much better than yours, but would never admit it
  • Had really loud sex and pretend nobody heard
  • Had the awkward encounter with the person in question the night after the deed
  • Being too drunk, and having deep conversations with the taxi man
  • Eating someones leftovers in McDonalds after a night out because your starving and have spent all your money (charlotte)Have you got any confessions to add to the list?

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  1. 13/12/2014 / 19:22

    I know a guy who stole toilet paper from the library for the whole of his degree… I was like, well played.

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