I’m in one of those moods where all I want to do is cry.. Dam you period! I’m sat in bed on a friday morning at 1:32am, looking back at all my old photos on facebook.  I want to cry for all those memories that were four/five years ago now.  Where the hell has the time gone? I want to cry for time going too fast.  I want to enjoy here and now, but how can I when tomorrow is just around the corner.

I miss the times when I was at Sixth form with my friends, the time when my prom was, the time I went on holiday with my friends, the time I went camping with the scouts. Those memories and those friendships are nothing more than a picture now. ..Lost way back on facebook.  Why do I feel sad over all those times, I have so much to look forward to so why am I missing the past?

In a couple of months time I will be exactly the same, wishing that I was in this very moment.  Surrounded by my housemates who love me, the freedom of doing nothing and learning so much but being poor at the same time.  Three years of university have gone. That’s it! my time in education since Reception class is over. It’s time to spend the next 50 years of my life slaving away at a nine-five job, which pays me enough money to live.  Yet we look at our old memories in rose tinted glasses; I forgot about the stress of A Levels, boys, bullying and homework.  I wish I could relive those times just once. But the reality is that we can’t.  I’m not ready to do what everybody else is doing.  I’m lost! I’m in limbo.. Stuck in a time where I have no direction, where all I want to do is go back to the care free adolescent life that I used to have with all of my friends.

Maybe it’s my period (sorry so explicit) or maybe it’s the realisation that life goes by so quickly.cherish every moment before it just becomes a picture on your facebook timeline.

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Sorry for getting all nostalgic

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