Clearing out

Clearing out

It’s official! I am a hoarder, I am a grade A listed hoarder.  And I don’t just mean my extensive pile of magazine cut outs, or my cosmetic samples and not even my collection of untouched stickers.  I am a hoarder of friends also.  I seem to stay friends with the people that I haven’t spoken to for years.  We talk occasionally if we ever need help with our dissertation work or need some help with a project.  But why do we keep these so called ‘friends’ on our facebook?  Maybe it’s because we like to see how their life compares to ours, like our life’s ambitions are some sort of competition.  We stalk our ‘friends’, comparing their Instagram pictures and their status updates.  But why? I ask myself am I getting caught up in this technological world of ‘friends’ ? According to Facebook I have a total of 910 friends.. Wow! I don’t even speak to half of them.

I could always do that cliche status, stating that your having a clear out of friends.  But whilst I’m sat here sorting out my magazines which I have had for years, I start to think why do I even have these people on facebook.  Yes we went to school together, but it’s not like we talk anymore. What is the point.  I will smile and nod when I see you in the street but your not my ‘friend’.. lets face it! Yet I am so unwilling to delete them off facebook for the sheer fact that I am nosey.

So, as I clear out my old editions of Cosmo, Lonely Planet and Company.  I may in fact clear out my facebook.  Out with the old, in with the new! Lets have a clear out!

photo (3)
My Magazine collection, there is a lot underneath this.

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