We often try to please the people around us, our family and parents in particular.  I am one of those people that just want to make them proud.  But when you do something out of the ordinary or something that they don’t agree with.   Why do we carry around a guilt, for doing something you want to do but displeases them?  My parents in particular don’t agree with tattoo’s, so what do I do when I go to Manchester for the weekend.  Yep, get a tattoo with my friends! That’s not me being rebellious, that’s me doing something as a memory and something that I wanted.  So why, when I go home at the age of eighteen just before Christmas, feel so guilty for the choice I made, even though I want it and still love my tattoo to this day.

Growing up in life is learning life’s lessons. Yes your parents have made those mistakes that you have yet to create and they want to warn you.  But isn’t part of growing up finding about things on your own, to take chances and sometimes you might just get it wrong.  But your family shouldn’t be the ones to say “told you so!’

For mine and my boyfriends anniversary and an early valentines day, he has bought me a puppy! And I couldn’t be more happy! Yet one of those exciting moments of someones life and relationship is clouded by judgement.  Maybe it is the wrong time to get a pup.. but I gotta figure that out on my own.  It’s not dampening my future, not limiting my opportunities, it’s making my life feel fulfilled.  And lets face it! It could have been a lot worse! At least I’m not coming home telling my parents I’m having a baby, or getting a tattoo on my face or joining a Cult.

It’s a puppy! It’s given me the opportunity to grow up, to budget, to look after something else, to be responsible and to enjoy making memories.  When your boyfriend turns round and tells you “we’re getting a dog”.  Take it as a good sign, because it shows he’s committed to you and the relationship.

So although I’m probably a disappointment at the moment, I’m going to take my own advice! You only live once! And everything happens for a reason, maybe this is a lesson or maybe it’s just the perfect moment!


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