Embrace the life that you lead

Embrace the life that you lead

I’ve just received a call from my Boyfriend, with him crying down the phone telling me that his best friend has just died.

At aged 22, after just graduating University somebody’s life is cut short.  One minute they’re there, the next they’re not.  It makes you want to live life to the full, nobody knows how long they have on this earth.  All we can do is love each other unconditionally, laugh endlessly, cherish every moment and just live!

Sometimes it takes a moment like this to remove our rose tinted glasses, and see the world for what it is.  A moment to realise that life is precious, we should be thankful for each day.  Because before you know it in a flash, someone else’s heart just stops.

Embrace the life that you lead and be thankful for each precious day.

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