New year, new me?

New year, new me?

I know the title, is so cliche.  But to me, it defines new year.  New year is a new start, a fresh beginning, an opportunity to change the things that are wrong and to start again.  So New Year, will be a new me! Because year on year we change, we grow up, we are a different person to whom we were in 2013.  So embrace the new you, make positive changes to enhance your happiness.

I like everyone else has a list of things we want to do for new years.  New years resolutions! It’s nearly always the same; lose weight, exercise more etc.  Mine is probably the same as everyone else’s to fulfil a healthy lifestyle.

It’s new years eve, a time of reflection to all the people you have met in the year, to the friends you have lost, to the memories you have made and the experiences you have experienced.  I have had a fantastic year, and had been told previously by a fortune teller that 2014 is my year! And it has been!

I started the year with a new relationship, enhanced my career prospects, learnt new things about myself, learnt who my friends are, travelled, helped children in Uganda and made countless memories.

I am thankful to the people that have made this year amazing, and I look forward to sharing more memories with each one.

So here’s to another year, of countless promises, too many mistakes and unforgettable moments with the people I love.


Happy New Year

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