Making a name

Making a name

As a Journalism student it’s important for me to make a name of myself and to become known by people.  But any other student Journalist will tell you that it’s not that easy.

I started writing my blog, not to be noticed but to do something that I love, and that is to write! I have been writing ever since I can remember from uncompleted stories, to a variety of poems to articles. I am a writer, and I love to write!

I got some business cards made not long ago, to try and get out there and network! But I have only managed to give out two cards to my mum and boyfriend.  But perseverance is everything!

I have never shared my blog to anyone I know, so feel privileged!  I think is due to fear of what other people whom I know might think.  As well, I talk a lot about my personal experiences in this blog, including people I am friends with or live with!

So if you enjoy reading my blog! Feel free to share it to your friends.. and then maybe one day I’ll make a name for myself!

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