I think I have seasonal depression

I think I have seasonal depression

I am a happy person nearly all of the time, I am that kind of person that is always smiling and cheerful.  But lately in these winter months I have been feeling quite down.  I would never use the word depressed to describe myself.  But in the winter months I feel in such a low mood.

I just tend to want to stay in bed all day, am constantly tired, don’t want to talk to anyone.  And just feel as though I want to be alone locked in my room.  I’ve googled this of course, trying not to scare myself.  It’s known as seasonal Depressive Disorder (SAD).  Which is exactly how I feel, bloody SAD! SAD is apparently due to lack of sun exposure.  Check out the NHS website here to read more.

So, to try and pick myself up I have bought a pizza, gone downstairs sat on the sofa and watch a film.  But I will try and get out the house this week and become more active.  Hopefully then I will feel  less SAD.

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  1. 20/12/2014 / 00:15

    To Wanderer.
    Many of us feel low at this time of year. Many of us also feel low in the winter months (I live in the southern hemisphere, so SAD comes in June-August). You are not alone.

    Please, talk to your doctor about the way that you are feeling, there is a risk with self-diagnosis. But if it is SAD, some complementary therapies include increasing sunlight exposure (sitting in the sun or going for a walk), light therapy or vitamin D supplements.

    Be gentle on yourself. xo

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