A clean bedroom is a happy bedroom

A clean bedroom is a happy bedroom

I am probably one of the messiest people you will aver have the pleasure of meeting.  My clothes are all over the floor, Glasses from last week are on the table and my desk is forever scattered with bits of paper.

So I have the task today of cleaning it all up for when I leave for my winter holidays! Although I am a messy princess, cleaning my bedroom can be fun in ways.  Here is why cleaning your bedroom can turn out to be fun.

  • You feel relieved that all the clutter and mess is out of your life
  • You feel more motivated- in my case to write because my desk is finally clear
  • You can dance and sing along to music
  • You find things that you haven’t seen in months
  • You can watch T.V whilst you clean your domain
  • You can actually walk around your bedroom
  • All your washing is in one place- and can be washed
  • You can sit on your chair without sitting on anything else
  • You can actually take people in your room
  • Your soul feels cleansed
  • You can write a blog about it 🙂

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