What I looooove about christmas

What I looooove about christmas


Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s that exciting time of year.  The christmas tree is in the living room, the presents are wrapped and the advent chocolates are being consumed.  These are my top 10 things of what I loooove about christmas!!

1. Family- Christmas is all about family, enjoy each others company and be thankful for one another no matter how big or small your family is.

2. Food- Of course food is something I looove about christmas, this year my mum is working so we’re going out for an Indian! Not traditional I know, but it’s food!

3. Alcohol- Christmas is the time of year when you can enjoy getting merry with your family on mulled wine, reminisce about life and sing christmassy songs

4. Christmas movies- I loove spending Christmas day and the run up to christmas watching the traditional favourites.  Such as Elf, Love actually and Home Alone.

5. The tree- Just the smell of a real christmas tree gets me in the spirit.  I love getting down the christmas decks, and remembering how you obtained each sentimental decoration.  And the lights just make it beautiful!

6. The cold nights- There is something quite cosy about the dark, cold winter nights that make me love christmas.  Sitting by the fire and looking out to the pitch black is something I love doing.

7. My advent calendar.  Every year, my mum makes me my own advent calendar with little chocolate treats, hair bands and cute little bits and bobs.  I feel very special when this arrives at Uni.

8. Snow- Of course snow makes christmas extra special, but I love going for long walks with the dogs in the snow.  I live in the country by forests, and the setting is just idyllic when the snow falls.

9. The old school christmas tunes- I love singing along to all the christmasy tunes in the shopping malls, or whilst your cooking the turkey.

10.  Finally… I loove the presents! Not receiving them, but being able to treat my family to special gifts! I love the fact that this one day a year everyone gets a present and feels loved and appreciated.  I love my family and I love getting them things to show that they are loved. I know you don’t have to show your love with gifts. But it’s always nice to spoil them and give them something nice back.

Would love to know what you looooove about christmas!! Comment below 🙂

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