Read before you judge

Read before you judge


I have learnt this year that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, and in my case never judge the annoying girl in your sociology class.

There is a girl in my sociology class who I presumed was annoying, as she seems to have a comment for every answer the lecturer asks.  So when I found out I was partnered with her and a couple of other people for a group project, you can imagine how annoyed I felt.

After a polite formal message on facebook she attempted to make contact with me for our class debate.  I regrettably ignored the messaged and bitched about her to my friends.

But the next lecture I met the girl in question, and learnt that she was on an exchange programme from Greece.  Now I understand why the facebook message was so formal!

We met up a couple of times, and I found out that she is actually such a nice girl.  She struggles with her English, but she speaks very well.  We should have learnt by now that we should never judge a book by it’s cover.  Take Susanne Boyle for example. I know it’s cliche! But I feel disgusted with myself that I judged someone before taking time to get to know them.

I’m happy to say that this girl is my new friend, even though she is returning to Greece next week.  So a lesson to you all, even though you maybe a nice person.  You should always take time to get to know someone before you judge them for any reason.

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