8 Things to do whilst your ill in bed..

I’m ill with food poisoning and have spent the day and evening in bed resting.  The best way to cure all illnesses is plenty of fluid and rest.  And that is exactly what I have been doing, but other than sleeping what else can you do whilst ill in bed.


Here is my list to pass the time whilst recuperating.

1). Download and watch Netflix.  Nothing beats being snuggled in bed with your pj’s on watching your favourite movies to pass the time. Today I have watched a total of four movies, so I recommend the following on your sick bed; The family, Steve Jobs, Hansel and Gretel and finally High School Musical.  A variety of films for all moods, audiences and preferences.

2). Online shop, whether it be for christmas, birthdays or just general prezzies.  Now is the time to search for the all important special gift for a loved one that you have been struggling to find.

3). Read your fave book.  Catch up on that book you haven’t touched since being on holiday, and enjoy a good read and some time to yourself.

4). Look for holidays.  Anything is better than being stuck here.  So search for your dream destination and plan your perfect holiday.  They always say the earlier you book the cheaper the holiday.  I quite fancy two weeks in Bali .

5). Feel sorry for yourself and treat yourself to warm soup and a crunchie in bed.  Don’t feel guilty about leaving the washing up until tomorrow.

6). Check and reply to your emails. It’s the perfect time to sit down and reply to all those emails you were meant to send weeks ago.  Better late then never!

9). Give your mum a ring.. she’ll make you feel loads better and you can laugh at her trying to learn how to work skype

8). Blog… pass the time by writing about how sorry your feeling and hope that your sympathetic housemate will stick the kettle on and tuck you in bed.

Lets hope I get better soon!

Later, Gator


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