Third and final year

Yep, that’s right! This is my third and final year of Uni.  I haven’t been back long and I already have been plunged into a pool of books, dissertation, projects and more.  It’s quite sad to think that in just six months time, I will be set free into the scary unknown world which is adulthood.  Having to get a job, buy a house and start thinking about a future is scary.

In some ways I’m excited for this next venture in my life, than other times I wish that I could be a student forever.  The lifestyle of a student is too comfortable; yes I do loads of work and have to wake up early for a 9am lecture.  But the lifestyle of only being in a lecture for 2 hours a day, going out drinking, having no responsibility is too much of a fabulous circumstance.

I’m currently writing this post sat in my rather messy student bedroom attempting to do some work today whilst being distracted by the ever so boring facebook.  Third year is the time you have to work hard and make your dreams come true.  During my University experience I have learnt a whole lot of of things, so now is the time to put it all into practice.  So, here goes… I’m putting down facebook and getting the books out!

To any third year students hang in there! We’re nearly there 🙂

Later Gator,

A pic from halloween!


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